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Blaming the Victim

blameThere are many defenders of paternity fraud who blame paternity fraud victims for not wanting to support children that DNA has proven is not theirs.  

They believe that it isn't in the children's "best interest" to disclose the truth as to who the biological father is.  

And yet, it is highly doubtful that many children would believe that it is in their "best interest" to be lied to so that they can get money from an unrelated, innocent man.

No civilized society should teach its children that lies are the path to success in our courts or anywhere else.  The child never asked for the wrong person to be designated as the child support obligor.  

In fact, the child rarely sees the financial benefit, since, in most cases, the child support payments made by the paternity fraud victims have been assigned to the government for previous welfare payments given to the mother.  No one should use the child as an excuse for paternity fraud.

Several of the WAPF "Advisory Board Members" are women who were lied to throughout their lives about who their father was.  One Advisor battled cancer and would have benefitted from knowing who her biological father was and the famlies medical history.  If so, she would have realized that cancer ran in her family and she could have taken preventative measures.

baby girl cutestAnother Advisor, was denied inheritance rights on the day that the man she adored died. The man she idiolized and had always known as her father.

While there are many other cases of the devistation that paternity fraud creates that differ --- they all have one thing in common --- paternity fraud is one of the most painful experiences they have ever experienced.  

Imagine how confusing paternity fraud is through the eyes of children.  A man is paying child support for them and yet in many cases the paternity fraud victim has no relationship with the child.  When the child wants to persue a relationship with the person that is financially supporting them the paternity fraud victim is often unwilling to do so.  They do not want to perpetuate the lie that they are the biological father.

The situation becomes a very confusing, awkward, and dysfunctional scenario for the child.   The child feels misplaced and unwanted. How is this in the "best interest" of anyone?

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